Talent Concept

Alpha & Leader Risks and Assets Management Co. Ltd. (Alpha & Leader) established in Hong Kong in 1995. In 2002, Alpha & Leader began operating its business as a law firm in China through merging with the operations of a law firm founded in 1998. “Alpha” is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, meaning "beginning", or "in front". “Leader” obviously represents the leading position.In Alpha & Leader, we adopt a horizontal management model in our daily operation to enhance efficiency. Making use of talents is the corporate culture in Alpha & Leader. Mutual trust has held strong root between management and staffs. We believe talents are the most important asset for long-term success in a corporate environment and strongly believe in the philosophy of “Excellent talents create excellent enterprise”. In today’s ever-changing social environment and needs, we not only provide diverse training to our people but also keep attracting talented persons so as to build a prosperous future for both the firm and our people.Corporate Philosophy: To provide a platform for employees; To create benefits for shareholders; To generate values for the society.Vision: To be the premier and trustworthy expert in Risk and Asset Management in ChinaCore values: People-oriented, Trustworthy, Quality Oriented, Environmental Friendly, InnovativeRequirement of recruitment: Professional, Passion, Responsible and incorruptibleIf you want to develop your career in handling economic related cases, develop a career in risk and asset Management and/or involving in disposal of distressed assets, Alpha & Leader is your best choice.