Due Diligence Service

Separation of credit approving function with relationship management has been an important requirement issued by the State Government to prevent financial risks. Nevertheless, it is not fully practiced in the business world, especially when it comes to pre-lending credit investigation, while the involvement of professional intermediaries into pre-lending credit investigation is increasingly accepted as an institutional innovation. Having a professional credit investigation team and advanced credit analysis technologies,Alpha & Leader is able to carry out due diligence on creditor’s transaction partners, including transaction authentication investigation, prelending credit investigation and fundraising risks disclosure reports, etc.

This service is mainly designed for processing loan application from banks and lenders. We put emphasis on the quality of the subject companies. Through investigation and comprehensive analysis on subject company's credit conditions, core business, and repayment ability. Our service is able to help lenders deduct conclusion in determining the creditability and payment ability of subject companies.


  • Being a locally licensed law firm, we are able to combine legal investigation, fact finding, information evaluation and credit scrutiny effectively and professionally in performing credit investigation tasks, etc.
  • In possession of dual capacities and experiences in both legal compliance auditing and financial analysis, we are able to draw on comprehensive conclusion from a macro perspective;
  • In possession of necessary human resources in multiple regional offices, we are able to assure the timely completion of field investigation work nationally.


  • We maintain a professional Customer Service Team having special personnel assigned to each project providing point-to-point services to clients;
  • We can satisfy clients’ customized investigation requirements to the maximum extent;
  • We are highly qualified, efficient and comprehensive in all level of our services.
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