Auto Monitoring Service (AMS)

Changes in economic landscape, industrial trends and other factors are closely connected with business operation. In the past, we had no choice but to passively learn such changes and accept consequences of information delay. Modern risk control requires timely follow-up of subject companies and rational adjustment to credit policies to avoid risks and ensure safe operation. Alpha & Leader’s latest Auto Monitoring Service (AMS) adopts cutting-edge network approaches to monitor comprehensive corporate information and keep you abreast of latest change to subject companies. By virtue of more than 20 years of professional experience in risk control, AMS is poised to judge risk level of change and send alert message. Alpha & Leader’s AMS is a practical tool for you to stay informed of changes to subject companies, facilitate your prompt response and avoid potential losses resulting from bad debts.


  • Built-in automatic alert system to track subject companies’ latest information;
  • Preset credit evaluation model to assess risk level of change to subject companies;
  • Targeted risk control achieved by flexible adjustment to monitoring subject in line with different stages and situations.


  • Comprehensive monitoring of corporate information, real-time report of latest change to subject companies;
  • Access to risk alert and detailed risk level information simply by clicking one button;
  • More flexible, efficient and convenient credit management tool.
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