Litigation Search Service

One of the most fundamental elements in determining a corporate creditability is look into its past payment record. Good credit practitioners never miss this important element and litigation search is one of the basic tools that reflects the entity payment record.

Alpha & Leader Hong Kong provided the most advance tool in the market in litigation search. The database of Alpha & Leader Hong Kong now carries records of 5 most important courts in relation to commercial lending in Hong Kong.

High Court:
Claim amount over HKD1,000,000
District Court:
Claim amount between HKD50,000 to 1,000,000
Small Claim Tribunal:
Claim amount less than HKD50,000
Land Tribunal:
All cases related to rent and land possession
Labour Tribunal:
All cases related to wages, salary or labour related claims

The natures of the above 5 courts and tribunals provide credit practitioners a comprehensive background on evaluating commercial entities in Hong Kong. For example, a series of labour claim in Labour Tribunal reflects the cash flow situation of your target is in trouble. Or, a repossession of property record in Land Tribunal reflects that your target is in financial problem.


You are now just a finger tip away from obtaining those information. All you need to do is to send us an email or give us a call. Our system is entirely web-based and you are allowed for unlimited access for a minimal monthly fee. We have over 500,000 records and updated daily.