Collection Service

Debt Collection Services Hong Kong, China and International

Alpha & Leader offers professional service where clients can place overdue accounts for our immediate direct contact with clients' delinquent customers for payment. For each placement, a combination of demand letters, telephone calls and personal visits are utilized to effect payment under the following principles.

  • Maintaining progress reporting to our customers.
  • Effecting collection while preserving the relationship between our clients and their customers.
  • Act professionally and protecting our clients' image at all times.
  • Achieving the highest possible recovery rate on every claim placed.
  • Direct contact with your delinquent customers for payment through sending demand letters, making telephone calls and personal visits to effect payment on overdue accounts.

Demand Letter Service

A perfect tool for small balance collection and to start the collection cycle for large balance accounts. Our demand letters are professionally written focuses on motivating delinquent customers to pay by appealing their sense of honesty, fair play, value reputation and natural desire to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Collection techniques like "Escalating Dunning" by sending series of demand letters to increasingly important people or "Descending Dunning" by bringing the attention of the top person first will be recommended to clients according to specific situation.

A very cost effective collection tool, which generates results that, will inspire its users.

Service Charges

No Collection No charge.

For any enquiries of our Commission and Investment structure please feel free to contact us.