Trends Ratio Analysis (TRA) – Cost-effective and Quick-response Credit Control Tool

How to evaluate your business partners more efficiently and objectively? How to achieve more cost-effective and comprehensive risk control? How to improve credit control efficiency? The key to solve above questions is precise insights into your business partners’ operating condition. Operating ratios are the best indicator of operating results. Analysis on them helps ascertain actual operating position, solvency and profitability of a company. Analysis results are conductive to predicting and preventing risks. However, access to corporate operating ratios is rather strenuous and time-consuming, which would even hinder credit control process.

Alpha & Leader launches Trends Ratio Analysis (TRA) to solve above issues. TRA report is an innovative credit control tool based on up-to- date Internet technologies and Alpha & Leader’s proprietary database and resources. Featuring 11 operating ratios respectively displayed in charts,TRA report provides analysis on subject company’s key operating data of recent years collected by sophisticated IT technologies. TRA report presents trend of significant operating ratios, contributing to sensible business ecision in choosing credit control approaches.


  • Speedy: Our service is available 24/7 online for ordering and generating reports to provide timely reference for your decision-making.
  • Comprehensive: TRA report presents operating ratios including Asset- Liability Ratio, Owners’ Equity Ratio, Ratio of Revenue from Main Operations, Total Assets Turnover Ratio and various profit margins, providing direct insights into subject company’s operation.
  • Objective: Data contained in TRA report are original without any artificial processing and modification. With objective financial data, TRA report visually shows subject company’s development trends for successive years.
  • Cost-effective: TRA report realizes cost-effective corporate risk control, capturing operating information of more subject companies with limited budget.


  • TRA report provides operating ratios and development trends for you to effectively evaluate your suppliers, clients and competitors, serving as reference for your subsequent decision-making.
  • Compared with traditional risk control tools, TRA report relies on Internet technologies and powerful data resources to acquire various corporate data efficiently and accurately, which substantially improves efficiency of credit control.
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