Know Your Customer(KYC)

The ever-changing climate in today’s business sector has put voluntary submission and other traditional routines inadequate to determine the authentic background of an entity.Resorting to off-site professional’s help has gradually become an essential procedure to resolve these tedious daily challenges in compliance fulfillments.

Alpha & Leader’s utilize intensive investigation and big data manipulation to help client expose ultimate owner(s) of companies.Through analyzing the operations structure, business model, social network, and other shareholders’ background related to the ultimate owner(s), we are able to determine potential related risks of individual’s PEP association. And through assessing the business process of entities, suspicious behaviors such as money laundering and terrorist financing can be detected effectively.

Alpha & Leader’s KYC due diligence service, a product that will help you.


  • Strict Conformity:Our data administering process is performed in strict conformity with the following manners: Compilation,Authentication,Verification and Examination;
  • Intelligent: We utilize big data manipulation and self-developed evaluation model to determine the risk level of entities in money laundering, terrorist financing and PEP association;
  • Authoritative: We gather data source from sectors in commerce, trade, taxation, judiciary and other authorities to identify ultimate owner(s), resurrect history of entities and validate risk-level assumption.
  • Legitimate: We commit to perform our due diligence service with references to local laws, regulations, jurisdiction and industry norms.


    You are able to:
  • Promptly verify entities’ overall condition;
  • Obtain extensive background check against entities’ shareholder(s);
  • Identify suspicious behaviors of entities;
  • Avoid potential risks in advance.
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