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Alpha & Leader and Shenzhen Logistics & Supply Chain Management Association jointly held a Theme Salon

Many domestic logistics companies did not attach importance to risk evasion, recovery of accounts receivable, and some other credit management knowledge in the early days. At that time each of their payments could be defaulted by their customers for one month, half a year or even several years. Large amount of accounts receivable defaulted has made these companies feel restless and worried since these amounts have resulted in the imbalance between finance and sales.

In view of this, these logistics companies began to seek appropriate solutions. In this process, they got to know risk management and increasingly recognize the importance of risk management. Most logistics companies nowadays have certain understanding of risk control, and the logistics supply chain industry derived from logistics industry also began to realize this key point. In this regard, Shenzhen Logistics & Supply Chain Management Association invited Alpha & Leader to help its member enterprises understand matters relating to risk and recovery of accounts receivable in international trade. Alpha & Leader shared relevant experience in the Internet Industry Park in the Bonded Area of Futian District, Shenzhen, on September 7.

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