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The Road to Glory

Being a pioneer is always not an easy task. Ms. Rong Rong REN, the person in charge of Alpha & Leader's Chengdu Branch and District Manager of Business Development for West China, is one of the most recognized pioneers in the 26 years establishment of Alpha & Leader. The city of Rong is also the nickname of Chengdu. Rong Jie (Big Sister Rong), as most people in the Chengdu office would call her, is the head of the Alpha & Leader's Chengdu Branch. She has gone through all the tough times in the early stage of the development of Alpha & Leader’s Chengdu Branch. This is the story of "Rong Jie" in the city of Rong.

In the late 2000s, when Alpha & Leader first set up a branch office in Chengdu, it introduced business credit investigation and dispute mediation services to foreign companies in the Chengdu area. Experience told them that most foreign corporates are likely users of those services in other parts of China. Unfortunately, most foreign companies with offices in the Chengdu area were merely founded to implement strategies with limited demands for credit management. Alpha & Leader then shifted its strategy to seek businesses from local manufacturers by organizing credit management conferences and workshops for trade associations. Risk consultants would visit participating companies one by one after each conference and workshop. This strategy was proved only to be somehow effective. "At that time, businesses in Sichuan Province developed rapidly and local entrepreneurs tended to incorporate a more or less conciliating attitude when dealing with credit issues. They worried that the intervention of attorneys would harm their relationship with customers," said Rong Jie.

Having making adjustments on market strategy twice, Rong Jie had gradually realized that only products and services that would resolve clients' most pressing problems could earn their trust. Since then, she has kept her eyes on the latest market situation and tendencies. She would promptly contact clients in the affected industries and provide practical advice to tide them over when the market fluctuates. Rong Jie was committed to helping clients establish risk control systems to guarantee their cash flows and market share throughout the years. She had earned the trust of clients with her patience, expertise, sincerity and persistence. The first batch of loyal clients for the Chengdu Branch was gradually developed, which helped lay a solid foundation for the sustainable growth of the Chengdu business.

Rong Jie's experiences prove that prioritizing clients' needs, solving their pressing problems and safeguarding their benefits to the greatest extent are essential to the success of a service provider like Alpha & Leader. She regards clients' trust and support as medals as precious as those athletes won in the Olympic Games. She believes in making every step counts. Never will she miss any opportunity to share her experience and propose advice to potential clients. Thanks to clients' support, the Rong's Branch has gradually developed into a prestigious provider of dedicated credit management services, with business expanding to other West China cities in recent years.

The ongoing COVID-19 reshaped the global business landscape in 2020. The pandemic has led to Zoom and other video conferencing applications that seem to have become a new normal. The demands for pre-business credit investigation and legal consultation increased as businesses are more cautious in choosing partners since face-to-face interactions have become less. Rong Jie is advisable enough to adjust Chengdu Branch's strategy promptly. She innovatively integrates big data and other cutting-edge technologies to deliver more prompt, accurate and cost-efficient solutions to her clients.

Under the leadership of Rong Jie, Alpha & Leader's Chengdu Branch has achieved remarkable progress over the past decade. What keeps Rong Jie persistent for ten years despite numerous setbacks? "I have faith in Alpha & Leader's corporate culture and services; secondly, I always treat clients with sincerity," replied Rong Jie in her always cheerful smile. She believes that the credit management market is promising in West China.

Over the past decade, Alpha & Leader's operations in Chengdu and West China have gone through ups and downs. Now, the Branch is on the right track, mainly owing to Rong Jie's persistence. The global economy was hit hard by the COVID-19 and stayed gloomy in 2020. Nonetheless, Rong Jie rose to the challenge and made remarkable achievements with her West China team. At the 2020 Annual Management Meeting of Alpha & Leader, Rong Jie was presented with the Annual Excellence Award – Manager of the Year 2020, in recognition of her outstanding performance in business development. The steady and rapid growth of Alpha & Leader's operations in West China is inseparable from her dedication over the years.

Having devoted a decade's endeavor and passion, Rong Jie and Alpha & Leader's Chengdu Branch are already on the path to a new era of continued success.

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