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Career Women in Alpha & Leader (Series 2): Balance and Choice

“Determining to do one thing is not hard. The hardest is to be persistent.”

In this series, we will share a new story of another working mum at Alpha Leader – Ms. Fiona Li.

At work, Fiona is Senior Manager of Corporate Planning Function of Alpha & Leader Risks and Assets Management Co. Ltd. In life, she needs to take care of daily routine of her baby.

When joining Alpha & Leader as Senior Manager of Human Resources Department in 2014, Fiona never thought that eight months later she would take on an unexpected new role. By happenstance, she was presented with an opportunity to take charge of Corporate Planning Function of Alpha & Leader. To shape a brand new function means that she has to get out of her comfort zone to meet the challenge.

Right after the Corporate Planning Function was well established, Fiona surprisingly found that she was pregnant. She knew that she was going to take on a new role as a mother.

Everyone around her believed that Fiona would quit the job and be a stay-at-home mum like others. Luckily, she has a husband who unconditionally supports whatever choice she makes.

After thorough consideration, Fiona chose to be a working mum: "Four years ago, an experienced colleague told me that determining to do one thing is not hard while the hardest is to be persistent. I became enlightened instantly! If life is a multiple-choice question, why can’t I choose more? So I have set up my mind to be a working mum and I am convinced that I can find a balance between work and family!"

In colleagues’ eyes, Fiona is energetic, highly self-disciplined and able to balance her work and parenthood well. She has made it through, but this does not come easy.

Fiona kept working throughout her pregnancy and even at the delivery room. After maternity leave, she immediately returned to work and took business trips. Fiona’s mother even accompanied her during business trips at her own cost to take care of her baby, so that Fiona may look after her baby at the hotel after work.

When not on business trips, Fiona was a “work-and-pump mum”. She had to pump her milk at the office to nurse her baby when she returned home. As a working mum, this is possibly the only way to ensure the most natural nutrition for her baby.

Instead of giving up her job, Fiona has achieved balance between work and family. Now, the Corporate Planning Function has been developed into a high-performing team composed of members with specialized expertise and complementary skills. This is inseparable from the persistence of Fiona and her passion for work.

It is doubly gratifying for Fiona to witness the growth of her baby and the Corporate Planning Function.

“Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than the Corporate Planning Function. I believe that it will develop sustainably under the framework and rules I established. Also, I look forward to more changes to create more values for Alpha & Leader,” said Fiona proudly.

There is no best choice but an appropriate choice. Either being a stay-at-home mum or a working mum is a good choice if you believe in your choice and insist on it.

Come on, working mums!

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