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Career Women in Alpha & Leader (Series 1)

How to maintain a balance between professional and parenting responsibilities is a question facing most working mums.

Polly, a senior corporate planning staff at Alpha & Leader, is no exception.

At work, Polly is busy planning, preparing and coordinating various events of Alpha & Leader in East and North China; At home, she needs to take care of daily routine and mental health of her son.

Achieving a work-family balance is never easy.

The inclusive culture and considerate work policies of Alpha & Leader provide working mums like Polly with a flexible and positive work environment.

Thanks to the trust and support of the company, Polly is able to manage her time in a flexible and efficient manner. On workdays, she’s an office lady staying focused on work. At weekends, she’s a mother enjoying the time with her kid.

“Now, I am still trying to find a balance between work and family. I would like to tell all working mums that we are doing a great job!”

As the great novelist Eileen Chang once said “Life is a resplendent gown, crawling with fleas”, we do fret over trifles sometimes. Just trust yourself and face up to them. You will get through it finally.

Come on, working mums!

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