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Alpha & Leader Client Servicing Division Team Building in Heshan

Alpha & Leader brought together staff from Client Servicing Division in different regions of China for a three-day team building in Heshan, Jiangmen from September 6 to 8.

The team building featured ingenious contests such as “Q&A Contest” and “Spot the Difference” as well as fascinating dramas to enhance staff’s professional skills, showcase their characteristics and strength.

After all contests, “Best Team Performance” and “National Champion” awards went to the team led by Ms. Wiwi Wu from Guangzhou and Ms. Candice Xiao from Chengdu, in recognition of the team’s impressive professional skills and overall performance. “Best Personal Performance” and “Most Charming Lady” awards were presented to Ms. Cristina Li from Shanghai and Ms. Yufi Xu from Guangzhou.

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