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Alpha & Leader Team Building in Foshan

Alpha & Leader held an impressive team building from June 29 to July 1, 2019 in Foshan, Guangdong. As the first significant team building in 2019, it has brought together staff and executives from Alpha & Leader’s Due Diligence & Analysis Division, Translation Company and Quality Control Function in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Nanjing.

The team building aimed to deepen exchanges and cooperation among staff from various divisions and strengthen their team spirit. Participants were divided into 4 teams. Each team consisted of 7 team members from different divisions. On the spot, each team member gave full play to his or her expertise and experience and pulled together to strive for their team’s honor. Throughout ingenious contests, all team members tried their utmost to explore their potentials and express opinions. Judges’ inspiring comments helped participants enhance their overall abilities to think and solve problems.

After all contests, “Best Team Performance” and “National Champion” awards went to the team led by Ms. Yuki Huang, Senior Translator of Translation Company, and Ms. Melody Lao, Analyst of Due Diligence & Analysis Division, in recognition of the team’s professional and comprehensive capacity. “Best Analysis” award was presented to Ms. Makani Dai from Quality Control Function for her outstanding debating skills showed at the debate section. “Best Performance” award was conferred to Mr. Ted Qian from Due Diligence & Analysis Division for his fantastic performance at the team introduction section.

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