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Alpha & Leader Co-organized Strategic Credit Management Workshop with The Hong Kong Management Association

On June 12 and 14, Alpha & Leader successfully held a two-day Strategic Credit Management Workshop in Hong Kong. The training programme was specially designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, credit and finance managers who want to make credit control a more effective and efficient task. As speaker, Mr. Bobby Rozario is Managing Director of Alpha & Leader Risks and Assets Management with over 30 years of experience in credit risk management and consulting. On the spot, preparatory reading, team discussion, role-playing practice and interactive case studies were utilized to instill confidence, knowledge and skills in each attendee. Day 1, Bobby elaborated on skills of effective credit management from perspectives of cost of credit, techniques of a true credit practitioner, scope of credit management and interface between credit & sales / service camps. Day 2, Bobby focused on asset tracing, debt collection and skip tracing techniques. Attendees all thought highly of the workshop and left with action plan specific to their business that will quickly build their profits.
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