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Senior Manager - Due Diligence & Analysis Division

Franck Yang

Mr. Franck Yang is Senior Manager of Due Diligence & Analysis Division, supervising day-to-day operations and development planning of the credit analysis and due diligence teams.

Franck graduated from Guangdong University of Finance, majoring in Accounting. He joined Alpha & Leader as an Analyst in November 2010. He has over 10 years of experience in due diligence and credit analysis. Franck was respectively promoted to Deputy Manager in October 2015 and Manager of Credit Analysis in July 2019. He has been developing and optimizing credit assessment-related business and ensuring stable and supreme quality of Alpha & Leader’s products and services. In addition, Franck leads his team to undertake credit analysis and rating business particularly in mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan of China, Singapore and Malaysia. He also renders supports in product development, testing and project technologies.