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Deputy Head - Client Serving - Greater China, Asia Pacific Region

Lily Li

Ms. Lily Li is Deputy Head of Client Serving Division (Greater China, Asia Pacific Region). She takes charge of personnel management and operational performance of all client serving teams in mainland and Hong Kong, China, and Singapore and Malaysia in Asia Pacific.

Lily graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a bachelor’s degree in English. She joined Alpha & Leader in July 2010 and has held different positions in Client Serving Division. She was promoted to Supervisor, Vice Manager, and then District Manager of Client Serving Division (China) for her outstanding performance. On April 1, 2019, Lily was promoted to Senior Manager of Client Serving Division (China) to supervise all client serving teams in mainland China.

Earnest and self-motivated, Lily not only shows impressive leadership skills at work but also excels at developing and maintaining business relationships with clients. She bears in mind the interest of Alpha & Leader in making every decision. She has effectively facilitated relations between our various functions and clients through active communication and by prioritizing clients’ needs and opinions.