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Senior Manager - Dispute Resolution & Asset Disposal

Anson Huang

Mr. Anson Huang, Senior Manager of Dispute Resolution & Asset Disposal Function in Alpha & Leader, responsible for dispute resolution and distressed assets disposal operations.

Mr. Anson Huang graduated from Foshan University, with Bachelor’s Degree in Law, and later certified to become a (Class 1) Credit Management Practitioner. Since he joined Alpha & Leader in March 2007, he had held different positions relating to non-litigation collection operations in our China operations, including Receivable Management Supervisor and Deputy Manager of Debt Collection Operation in Shanghai branch. In 2012, he became our District Manager and in 2016 he was further promoted to his current position.

Mr. Anson Huang is a superb negotiator specialized in dispute resolution. By virtue of his rich knowledge and experiences in law and communication psychology, he always finds his way to bring the best outcome possible from any tough negotiation. As speaker, he has given training sessions for many seminars to share his experiences in dispute resolution practice.