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Alpha & Leader Business Development Division Held its 3rd Annual Training Event in Nanjing -- May 11-14 2018

Some over 30 staff and members of the Business Development team attended a 4-day training event at Hilton Nanjing Riverside next to Yangtze River. Theme of this year training is "Team Building" and participants are assigned to individual teams with members from offices in 9 different cities from China and Southeast Asian regions. Each team is headed with a captain and vice-captain whom must not be the immediate managers of the team members. “We hope to foster share values, corporate cultures and collaborations among our business development staff from different regions in this annual event. It is team work that motivates positive attitudes, innovation and productivity.” says Mr. Bobby Rozario, Senior Partner of Alpha & Leader Group.

Teams with good achievements are presented with awards in sportsmanship, cooperation and performance in the event.

Best Team Performance Award goes to Team “Peppa Pigs”.

Captain: Mr. Jerry Li, District Manager of Greater North China

Vice-Captain: Mr. Kevin Wang, Manager of South China

Best Team Cooperation Award goes to Team “Tip Top”.

Captain: Mr. Gavin Wang, District Manager of Zhejiang and Fujian Province

Vice-Captain: Ms. Sunny Ren, Manager of West China

Best Team Sportsmanship Award goes to Team “Ace Alliance”.

Captain: Ms. Jojo Li, District Manager of Greater East China

Vice-Captain: Ms. Michelle So, Manager of Hong Kong.

Last but not least, Best Partnership Award goes to team couple:

Mr. Gavin Wang, District Manager of Zhejiang and Fujian Province

Ms. Corrine Liu, Key Account Manager of East China.
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